Challenges needed

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This holiday I get no challengers. Even lazy enough to go out and meet friends. Hope I get something fast

Watch this guy

Friday, November 20, 2009

*I kill me!

Recently I watched a sitcom by Russell Peter, a canadian-born comedician. I thought that I might spend only 1-2 minutes to watch him but, I end up to watch the whole stuff.

His joke is racist, but in other ways it sounds funny for me.

Things that I found funny about him:

  • He is a mixed Indian, but culturally is a Canadian

  • Know to speak in many slangs (India, Chinese, Jamaican etc) which is impressive for an English speaker.

  • He is good in convincing others. He can sell you last week Pizza and get 10 bucks.

  • His joke is totally racist. Racist is Funny.
    Recommended watch: Russell Peters Red, White and Brown

Will You Bite the Hand That Feeds?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Just how deep do you believe?
Will you bite the hand that feeds?
Will you chew until it bleeds?
Can you get up off your knees?
Are you brave enough to see?
Do you want to change it?
By Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds

The lyrics is about a satirical image of people who complained but never take any actions. I agree with Trent here. People love to complaint, but they never learn things from it... Lots of interpretation can do so.

How many people really meant their promises? Or do they tend to pretend more? Speak louder than actions? 

What, blogging to express thoughts but afraid to outburst it outside? (I feel it so-into-me now..)

If you're not grateful with god's gifts, you are biting the hand. If you not willing to support someone that help you, you are biting them too. How about not believing in your government? They sure had gave us a lot..

Do you bite someone's hand today, Suarez?

You Want to Use Windows 7?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The damn viruses again intruded my workspace area.. Yeah, it cost me all of my song inside the computer, which is really.. whatever, should say bye and shift to the overrated vista?

Its a NO (or might be never) answer!

*It sure look like a Vista to non-user

So I hear the rumours about this great invention called Windows 7. Potentially it just another type of Vista but for sure, people seems like it in forums.

Thanks to Mr. Wak Lu, I get this full package of W7 ultimate..That's why torrent site is cool..Surprisingly I do not have to use any drivers except for my graphic card. Cool again.

No poppin-up menu whenever I access stuff and really graphical interface. I think Microsoft had discovered the next world wonder after XP's.

Surprisingly its not that lagging like Vista, smoother and newly added function. For XP gamers, there's one thing called 'compatibility mode' so you can play it in W7.

I give 4/5 rating. The original one is to costly and the need for graphically-carded laptop to use its function. It turns XP'ers and vista'ers look so W95..

U say that U are Universal?

*OOMG its in the backstreet!

Some like Indie (It's dead now?), some loving the western Billboard, some admire those Indo-Malay ngetops songs.. and some drooling for Asia; only for the Kpopers, anime and Kimochi-chi-chi...

What I am sure is no one like to hear various genre.

No need to look further Malaysians, just see our artist yourselves. Let's look at P. Ramlee. Do people still turn his song in car? That's what faith had put our legends. They might be the best but they will never be heard anymore; they even got "Anugerah Sepanjang Zaman" in music award repetitively. In easy word, you don't die, you won't got~

It is funny when one of my friend is an all-american goers. His car radio tune will be all English. But most of the Karaoke time, he will pick his Kapak song.. Screw u bro, HahaHA.

For Indiers (not Hindi), I advice you to be umm not so.. supportive? Make sure the team has the spirit to push themselves for entering the mainstream music. For once, Hujan make a clear stance on this from a rebellious to a so-call Jiwang type band. Not to mention some that got quality or 'Aura' like Butterfingers, Love Me Butch, Pesawat & Bunkface (their live sucks anyway).

Go buy their band-tee, gigs and make your own band too.. and please stick to covering people song, alright? We don't need another Indie in the making.

For me, the best song is song that breaking the barrier of 'language' in all mean.

Be it Latin, Arab, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korea, Dusun. Make yourself open to all genres. Theses songs, if it inspires you to become the best, why not just admit it?

Sometimes I unplug the pendrive from my car just to hear religious speech. It sometimes better than songs too :)

Damn Slanderous and Libelous...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It happens recently that people around me is approving the act of defaming others

Well, it's not that recent.. I experience it from time to time on my course of study. I can't accept libel anymore, and hope something will stop it to save the planet.

Yes, slandering is a big crime for me; to say it's involving the earth. It is affecting people reputation, name, pride... It may kill someone that try to live happy in their life.

Sorry to say that, most of the act usually suggested by my girls' friend. Some of the men like to do it though, but it is not a big deal for me. Adding the experts' view that a secret will only last for 2 days if it kept by woman, it is not surprising that any 'not-so-bad-story' can outburst as the hottest damn topic after some alteration in no time.

One of my friend keep complaining that some friends are no longer hanging out around her. I don't care if they read this entry.. I'm sick of their deeds. Stop that negative thinking and move towards openness. Do you think that yours is worth enough to hate anyone?

I don't mind if I might involved indirectly in this childish hatred.. As long that I now that I'm right.

My advice: If you think by defaming others is enough to blacklist a name around, stop it now. Seriously, everyone is waiting they turn to stab at your back. Or did you forget what religions had said about it?

Kerja tukang sapu di Indonesia?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Masihkah anda ingat tentang kejadian yang berlaku di seberang Malaysia?

*Oo penyapu yang kiut~marilah ramai2 menyapu...

Selepas mendengar peristiwa kempen sapu malaysia, aku mula terbayang nasib kawan2 aku yang menyambung pelajaran di Indonesia. Bayangkan dihalau dengan buluh runcing ke sana ke mari, halangan daripada berhimpun, dan sbg.. Harap2 kawanku di sana semuanya aman (sehinggalah sekarang, syukur ia hanya propaganda).

Apa rasionalnya #SapuMalaysia ni? Semuanya berpunca daripada kesilapan iklan sebuah syarikat swasta dan kes maling budaya.

Isu ni sepatutnya isu yang biasa2. Perlu diingat ya bung2 sekalian, kita ini rumpunnya sama dan saling bergantung satu sama lain. Bukan sahaja dari sudut ekonomi,. Anda susah, kami susah.

Berbincang lah elok2, bukan menggunakan bambu. Kajilah baik buruk, bukan menghentam semata. Ada dengar kisah Robert Kuok merajuk dan buka cawangan ke Indonesia? Baca
Satu lagi konfrontasi 'Freemasonry" untuk memecah belahkan negara berumpun..

Cuti Raya

I'm on blog again??

After a long hibernating season in fasting month, I accidentally typed something here..
I'm going back for Raya..


And the exam is just near.. I hear it comes..Duh.

WHatever. I pray for everyone now!

Rules For Women

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

As a man, we always hear the rules from the female side. Now, let you hear the utmost rules from the male side:

  1. Birthdays and Anniversaries is not again a quest to find the perfect present!
  2. Sometimes we are not thinking about you. Try to live with it.
  3. Don't ever cut your long hair. This is the reason why male afraid to get married because married women tend to change to short hair, and by then you already stuck with her.
  4. Shopping is NEVER a sport. And please, we'll never think it that way.
  5. Crying is blackmail.
  6. Just say what you want, girls. Let us be clear here: Subtle, obvious and strong hints will not work to us.
  7. We don't remember dates. Mark it in calendar and remind us beforehand.
  8. Most guys only have 3 shirts and shoes. What makes you think we'd be good at choosing which pair, out of 30 is good on you?
  9. We always use Yes and No answer. It's commonly acceptable to almost all questions.
  10. Come to us if you want to solve problems. Sympathy is what your girlfriends for.
  11. If you think you're fat, you do. Don't ask. We refuse to answer that.
  12. If something that we said can be interpreted in 2 ways, and 1 will make you sad/angry, we actually meant the other one.
  13. Whenever is possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercial break.
  14. Christopher Columbus did not need direction. Neither do we.
  15. The relationship will never be going to be like the first 2 months before, so please get over it and stop whining to your girlfriends.
  16. Men only see 16 colors, like Windows default setting. Peach for example, is a fruit, not a color. So does pumpkin.
  17. If it itches, it will be scratched. Yes, we'll do that.
  18. Our lack of mind-reading ability for you is not a proof of how little we care about you.
  19. If you ask a question that you don't want to, expect an answer that you don't want to hear.
  20. When we are going out, anything that you wear is actually fine. Really.
  21. You have enough clothes and too many shoes.
  22. We always in shape. ROUND is a shape.
  23. Thank you for reading this. I know I might sleep at the couch tonight, but you know that we don't mind? It's like camping.

I like jokes. Clean jokes will do. Why take it seriously?Hahahaha...

SAFfering the losing

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Supporter and player~we win the loud, but we still fail to excel

Even SAF was a history for 2009, the spirit of blogging the side-story beyond it is never had erased.

Waiting in silence. Hoping for miracle. Well, the bus is too late

Unfortunately, the story is more about lo~sing. Why lose? I am forced to blame people..with the 's' at the back.

I feel pity towards the handball team, and so other teams that never play at all. I can see commitments and determination from their long-hour training session past weeks. There must be something wrong somewhere.. our name failed to be enlisted as participants.

Just lack of concentration

Sure, we play sports for the faculty. But I'm so desperately upset that managers will get their newly shirt sooner than the athletes; whom should be wearing something around the field. That resulting as-no jersey. If anyone ever see the sporting event, you will see Law, Business, FTMSK etc play with '2009' jersey at their best.. and ours with own sponsored shirt.

You feel lucky, punk? From left Mr Dzul (B-ball), Robi and Syuk (Hockey)

Come on, what's wrong with a little doughnuts of appreciation towards our beloved players? We lack of supports from the management side (and we call ourselves the next managers?). Enough with couples of 100plus bottle in the track, which they also failed to provide.


I'm entertained by superb OMers man's volleyball team. You'll see they losing point, but they were not. That is what I call as suspense and thriller. If only they where not beaten at semi. Same goes to the basketballers, no coach and super-subs but still..they have the attitude in winning.

Beauties and Fanatics in pompom

Anyway, credits to our Sportspeople for doing their best. Sorry for rugby, badminton and the other teams, I'm in a busy week with my module. Good job, Basketball-Hockey-Volleyball team for a good competitive approach. I can see Sebastian hanging around to fight you guys.. Let us fight again in the upcoming season!

Volleyball Key Player - Chulai and Benben. And to the coach at the back

Next time I hope to invite the upper side to visit us more in the battlefield.


Sayang Malaysia?

*Ini bukan artikel membina, ini artikel sinis

4 hari dari tarikh artikel ini tertulis, rakyat Malaysia akan meraikan hari kebangsaan yang ke-52, bertarikh 31 Ogos...

Saya Sayang Malaysia?

  • Bersyukur masih ada undang-undang walaupun ramai orang lagi suka main politik
  • Anda anak orang besar, anda dapat dulu
  • Kereta buatan yang sangat best dan selamat, berbanding 10 tahun lepas
  • Aksesori kenderaan paling mahal dan keramat untuk dipakai, Seatbelt dan helmet
  • Ada saja orang bersuara membela bangsanya, dengan tujuan menghapuskan yang lain
  • Media atasan berkuasa memutarkan alam
  • Orangnya bersopan tetapi tidak pernah tahu kewujudan tong sampah dan flush tandas
  • Rompakan berleluasa - Cetak Rompak
  • Malam tahun baru, merdeka dan sbg seronok disambut dengan perarakan rempit berhias

Saya inginkan perubahan!!

Namun, saya bersyukur kerana tidak ada berlaku perang, tidak ada jeritan perkauman di sana sini, dan percayalah..

Satu hari nanti kita akan berbangga melaungkan "I'm a Malaysian"..

Perkara Menarik Minggu Lepas

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Go Chelsea GO!

1) Jumlah korban H1N1 bertambah lagi (Rakyat Malaysia masih belum sedar mengapa?)
2) MTV World Stage yang terlepaskan.. (Tetiba ada modul, *Sigh..)
3) SAF yang kalah bertimpa2 (Besa lah tak ada peruntukan lagi..)
4) Mp3 Sony telah berjaya menyedapkan hatiku ini
5) Menceburkan diri dalam arena Rock Legend Facebook (Tak lama bosan la ni)
6) Aku sudah semakin Organize.. (Lihatlah meja dan almariku)
7) Sambutan hari lahir yang x macam sambutan pun (Aku x suka sambut birthday)
8) Berlatih puasa.. (Susah.. Lama tak buat)
9) Semua kelas lewat minggu ni (Rekod baru untuk sem ni, lambat sejam)

Mystery or Legend?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Some mystery that I hope to be solved in the future:

It is a low-pitched sound happens worldwide, especially in UK and Northern Europe. The sound is so low, it cannot be detected by microphone or antennae so its nature is still a mystery. In 1997, Scientists and research institutes in the nation were instructed to look into a strange hum sound that heard by residents around the small town of Taos, Mexico.

For years, those who had heard the voice might still wondering where the sound come from
Mystery: I like to hear the sound! 4/5


Linen cloth that bear an image of a man that died from crucifixion. Catholics consider that this is a burial shroud image of Jesus. Currently, it is held in Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.

Despite of many scientific investigations, no one can explain how the image has been imprinted to the shroud and manage to replicate it. Radiocarbon tests date it to the middle age but still, no specific explanation can satisfy us.
Mystery: It might be solved in some time. 2/5

A medieval document that written in unknown script and language. Overall impression shows that the manuscript is about an early modern medicine. The puzzling illustrations however makes it more complicated to describe.

The illustration suggest that the book to 6 parts (Herbal, Astronomical, Biological, Cosmological, Pharmaceutical and Recipes)
Mystery: What happen if I able to read the text? 3/5

The favourite all-time killer. Once in 1888, London was shocked by series of murders happen in the east end. The name was taken from a letter that sent by someone that claiming to be the killer to a local newspaper.

The victims, typically prostitutes had their throat cuts and mutilated body. In some cases, it was found that the killer just left the scent when the body discovered.

There's too many convicted person to the series but no evidence is enough to convict anyone. It is said that only doctor can do the killing stuff, because it is a clean cut.
Mystery: The killer should be died now. 2/5

THE ZODIAC KILLERThe killer was active around 1960-1970, in Northern California. At least 5 people died and 2 injured. The killer is likely to play around by calling the police and send 3 letters that can lead to his discovery. Still, no sign of him. He sent a decrypted letter that sounds:


and the rest that still not decrypted

Arthur Leigh Allen was the prime suspect, but all the evidence founded was against him. Today, Zodiac killer was still a mystery
Mystery: I think the film was underrated. It's good. 5/5

In 1971, a man going aboard as D.B.Cooper hijacked a domestic American flight. He asked for $200,000 in twenty dollar-bills with 4 parachutes. He jumped in the air with other passenger and vanished just like that. After 8 years of hunt by FBI, no body, parachutes or money ever recovered. Where did he go?
Mystery: I like this man! He's brilliant 5/5

Area of water that which large numbers of planes and boats have gone missing mysteriously. Many explanation arises towards the disappearances such as bad weather, alien abduction, time warps, and laws of physics matter.

Although many documents exist to show the exaggerated reports, still no good explanation happens to answer the big disappearance. There are other place that can be referred like Bermuda Triangle such as Japan's Devil Sea etc. Amazingly, these triangles will form a mysterious connection if connected along a squared world map.
Mystery: Have you try to pass the triangle? I want to someday. 5/5

The bodies of Chase family were placed in vault for 7 years. Every time the vault was re-opened, there were a sign of disturbance - Coffins appeared to flung around the room and moans echoed every night. It stopped when the coffins moved to other place.

Theories of flooding, magnetic currents, zombies and earthquakes have all been suggested. But this story still need a proof yet to be solved.
Mystery: Creepy as a whole..5/5


I think this one is widely known. UFO means Unidentified Flying Object. So technically, things like Helicopter, Balloon and Flight is IFO (Identified Flying Object). Lots of theories like alien abduction, US military and classified cases concluded from this mysterious phenomenon.

Another conspiracy by the US government? Who knows, the truth is out there..
Mystery: Speechless for now. Don't know what it is..5/5

Kekusutan Kekasutan

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Apa akan berlaku jika hostel/rumah didiami oleh orang2 bujang, terutamanya lelaki?

Oo..Kita tahu kesannya..50% ruang tamu adalah khusus untuk meletak kasut dll.

Panorama ini diambil di satu kediaman yang dirahsiakan. Sebab semua bilik di hostel aku ni ada pemandangan yang sama (cuma kuantiti kasut berbeza) jadi kalau orang tau pun...tidak membawa apa2 arti...

Bilik kemas tak?

Ok ba. Apa kalo kasut tabur, bilik tabur la gedega? chitpodah..

Bau dia, memang x dapat dinafikan. Yang ini aku pasti..

Apapun, kami juga dalam proses menyediakan rak kasut kay. Dulu time register kononnya ada rak kasut la..Apu benar..

Ada pulak orang letak banner sila susun kasut. Selipar x susun kah?

Where to Find?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Onitsuka Tiger and Asics shoes

There's a lot at Uptown, Damansara. Price range from RM100-80. Quality is okay. If you know to nego-, you can get it cheaper. Also sell..Paul Smith, Adidas, Puma and Nike

Naif - Janji Setia

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Berawal pada sebuah kampus seni di Jakarta, tepatnya di Cikini Raya 73, kampus Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ), NAIF terbentuk. Banyak yang mengklasifikasikan musik NAIF sebagai musik retro. Itu karena kebetulan Emil, David, Jarwo, Pepeng, dan Chandra (pada saat itu) menyukai musik-musik lama yang kemudian berpengaruh terhadap karya yang mereka buat.Kini NAIF resmi berempat : Emil, David, Jarwo dan Pepeng. Dapatkan lebih info mereka di sini.

For me, NAIF is a cool band. They will modernize old retro sound to a heart-catching beat. Some people may judge them a weirdo, as their music is nowhere near the mainstream sound. Check some of their stuff, Pujaan Hati and Gula-Gula. Here is my simple progression for Janji Setia.

Standard Tuning EADGBE
Intro: Just play along D

Em A
Tuk tetap setia
Pada saat
Em A
kau jauh darinya

Bm Bm7
Bm E
Hati sulit putuskan
Untuk mencoba ke lain hatinya

Em A
Tuk slalu menjaga
hati satu
Em A
tuk slama-lamanya

Bm Bm7
Bm E
Hati mudah tergoda
G Em
Mampukah engkau untuk
Sanggupkah hati untuk
Mampukah engkau untuk

Janji setia
F#m Bm
Tidaklah mudah
Kapan saja pasti banyak

Janji setia
F#m Bm
Pasti kan mudah
Bila hanya satu hati yang
Kau cinta

Interlude: G A Bm G A D

Back to *

Slop in Birth rate.. Men to blame?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taken from NST, July 26, 2009. My condolence to Yasmin Hani, Al-fatiha.. She left lots memories to us. Lots of blogger had expresses their utmost feeling for me, so it's enough said for me then..
KUALA LUMPUR: The birth rate is declining and men are to blame.
The number of children per couple is now three times lower than what it was a generation ago, and experts concede there is a causal link between that and the attitudes of men.

...“Our study shows that when women come home from work, they change their clothes and go into the kitchen. Men put their briefcases down, head to the living room and read the newspapers or flip through television channels. Sometimes, they ask to be served a drink...

“Women work to help men supplement the family income, but men don’t help their wives around the house,” said the family economics expert. This traditional way of thinking, which is very much alive and well even in urban society, means working women at home.

“If there is a child on the way, the first question that usually springs to a woman’s mind is ‘who’s going to look after my kid?’” said Jariah.
The husband is not the obvious answer going by the number of women who choose to leave the workforce to care for their children...

There is a higher proportion of women in universities, but for every four with a tertiary education, one is not in the labour force. They usually stop work after having their first child.

Say what, who are to be blamed? I say no. But if you want so, I say both. Most modern-couple failed to plan a good family chain. Men are lazy and tired when they get home after work. But, believe me that man still eager to have a lovely night.

It's a common these days when we meet a busy working women to have children to take care of. The consequence? They too get tired like men, and they still have to work something at kitchen and household when get home..It is a no mood situation to spend time together.

I suggest our company in Malaysia to do something about it. Create a home-based office, or more telecommuting, or perhaps a good-counseling to husband?? Is it still men to blame?ahaha..

SB punya pasal

H1N1: UiTM tutup kampus Lendu

PELAJAR UiTM Lendu, Melaka meninggalkan kampus malam tadi selepas ia ditutup sehingga 24 Julai ini ekoran wabak selesema babi.

MELAKA - Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) terpaksa menutup kampus mereka di cawangan Lendu, di sini mulai hari ini berikutan perkembangan wabak selesema babi atau H1N1 yang setakat ini sudah menjangkiti 13 pelajarnya sejak Sabtu lalu.

Notis penutupan kampus yang membabitkan kira-kira 4,000 pelajar itu akan berkuat kuasa mulai tengah hari ini hingga 24 Julai.

Naib Canselornya, Prof. Tan Sri Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shah ketika dihubungi malam tadi mengesahkan tindakan tersebut selepas mereka mendapat arahan Kementerian Kesihatan.

"Kita akur dengan arahan itu dan mulai hari ini, semua aktiviti dalam kampus ditunda buat sementara waktu.

"Pihak universiti akan mengikut garis panduan yang diberikan kementerian bagi menangani situasi tersebut sehingga tempoh penutupan itu berakhir,'' katanya.

Beliau bagaimanapun menjelaskan, pihak universiti tidak akan menyekat ibu bapa yang datang untuk membawa pulang anak masing-masing.

Semakin hari semakin runsing aku memikirkan isu ini. Isu selesema babi (SB) ini atau H1N1 semakin membabiluasa, dan kali ini sasarannya adalah IPTA2 Malaysia. Dengar2nya UUM pun dah tutup, tak tau lah mana penularannya pergi selepas ini.

1st sekali, aku lebih selesa menggunakan istilah SB ini kerana penyakit ini dibawa melalui genetik2 babi ini. Maaflah tokey2 babi, aku harap korang x rugi tapi inilah kenyataannya. Kenapa tak guna nama selesema khinzir? Lebih manis katanya.. Masalahnya, istilah babi itu lebih terkenal di Malaysia, dan itulah kenyataannya..again..

2ndly, U aku seluruh Malaysia telah ditutup seluruhnya. Maksudnya, cawangan dan induk sudah bersepakat untuk tutup sehingga awal bulan Ogos. Aku suka keadaan ini, so aku boleh buat nota dengan lebih effisien!! Biasalah, nasib orang tak balik rumah ni.. Aku berharap sangat SB ni tak sampai ke kawasan ni.

Last but not least, dengarnya cuti raya dah diawalkan. Aku sangat berbelah bahagi dalam isu ini, kerana kebanyakan student dah book tiket balik, masuk aku lah..Kenapa x buat notis awal? Oklah, ~SB merebak tanpa isyarat, ini semua ketentuan tuhan, ada hikmah di sebalik kejadian~..Bla bla..

Apapun, kalau lah cuti tu benar2 dah dianjakkan, aku berharap sangat pihak berwajib dapat menggantikan semula tiket2 kami tu..kata pendeknya pampasan.. Tiket bukan RM50 ya, Rm500..Please handle it ASAP..

*Illustrasi virus yang kononnya menjangkiti anak Mr. John

Jauhilah Selesema Babi! Jangan coba mendekat!

Ethnic Transmission - Engka

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Standard Tuning EADGBE
Intro: G

Dini nuan, kini nuan,
Bm G
bisi enda lama lalu nuan lenyau
Aku berunding, nama kebuah,
Bm G
nama ti ngasuh nuan ke nyau

G Em G A
Engka nya, engka tu, ngasuh tua baka tu

D-A Bm G
Engka, nuan sigi sayau ka ku,
tapi nuan malu, nadai nemu nyebut,
Bm G
kati ngatur jaku, ka madah ke aku,

D-A Bm G
tauka Engka, nuan sigi nadai ati,
nuan enda peduli, nadai madah kini,
Bm G
ninggal ku kediri,

G G6 G G6
Engka nadai guna, aku ngiga, utai ti sigi, nadai ba dia,

Ku ka ninga, nama berita,
Bm G
nama gaga nuan gerai tauka enda
Tulis surat, kirim meh salam,
Bm G
ngambi ku nemu pagila lusa

G Em G A
Engka nuan teperasa, laban laya tua suba,

D-A Bm G
Engka, nadai ku di peda nuan,
engka ku berumban, mai nuan bepangan,
Bm G
minta ampun sulu, semua penyalah ku,

D-A Bm G
tauka Engka, nuan kala patah ati,
nuan alit ati, nuan enda berani,
Bm G
nuan enggai beraie agi

Bm A G
Ulih ka nuan ninga,
Bm A G
ati aku ngumbai,
Bm A G
padah meh kemaya,
Bm A G~A
nuan deka pulai

D-A Bm G
Engka, nuan sigi sayau ka ku,
tapi nuan malu, nadai nemu nyebut,
Bm G
kati ngatur jaku, ka madah ka aku,

D-A Bm G
tauka Engka, nuan sigi nadai ati,
nuan enda peduli, nadai madah kini,
Bm G
ninggal ku kediri,

G G6 G G6
Engka nadai guna, aku ngiga, utai ti sigi, nadai ba dia

Rumah kuning menang piala!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Siapakah rumah kuning ini? Sudah semestinya abang2 Brazil kita. Selepas bersengkang mata menonton Final Piala Konfederasi, akhirnya habislah sudah aktiviti bola aku sebelum pergi Puncak Alam.

Apa yang menarik pada perlawanan ini, Brazil telah bertemu dengan 1 kumpulan yang paling aku tak suka iaitu USA. Nasib baik diorang tak menang!

1st half, Brazil lebih banyak menguasai bola tetapi USA ada teknik counter-attack yang sangat power, Brazil bolos 2-0. Nampak macam Brazil nak kalah. Konfiden dah hilang, banyak kad kuning dihasilkan. Kaka dan Robinho main biasa2.

2nd half, akhirnya gawang Tim Howard dibolosi jugak dengan bantuan kesyaitanan Luis Fabiano. 1st half dia memang x menonjol, tapi 2nd half..PooF! 2 gol in a row. Lucio memberi gol kemenangan pada minit ke 84.

Seperti biasa, orang yang tak tengok match ni akan pasti yang Brazil akan menang mudah atau memang patut menang. Hakikatnya, aku berikan kredit buat USA kerana hampir berjaya memalukan Brazil.

Nasib baik korang menang! Kalau tak SOCCER akan menggantikan istilah FOOTBALL buat selamanya!

~UiTM issues~

Monday, June 22, 2009

UiTM; well-known for a weird bias policy. Only Malays and Bumiputras are allowed to further study here (Not anymore since the existence of InTEC and globalization).

What should I write now? condemn the policies or raise myself beside the other not-so-lucky races around? It's better for me to get a settlement here, on how UiTM can possess greater excellency rather than what is needed to be a complete immortal on its own mainland.

Read a lot! You m..
Malaysian known for their 'spread rumours faster than tumors'. Statistic shows that only 2 book read per year by Malaysian. Reading teach us critical skills and issues around the globe. Most of UiTM student failed during interview, when it comes to current issues. At least be grateful now; UiTM couples find out that libraries a good place for eye to eye communication and second best home for the air-cond lovers.

What is PC?
Play Center. My experience in UiTM for years shows that most students life are gambled in front of PC, just like me. They play DoTA, Internet, Chatting, Movies and Anime. When asked, they don't even know i-Learn Portal existence. I know all multimedia students need to pay more visit to their machine, but do they really finish their work? Be more real, get some fresh air outside.Number of attendees increases but we are not that genius IPTA students increases from 2004 and so on. Number of 10A1 straight increases each year. My words to all newbies, show your real talent. Please show your quality in quantities, or else, you are nothing out there. My lecturer once told me about a big number can show a real weakness :

It's easier to enter University now. IPTA/IPTS number increases and the qualification are loosening. Ever heard of Graph Statistical Exploitation? The flows determine how many can enter higher institutions. Realize the fact that UPSR/PMR/SPM results keep improving by year. It shows that, people in Ministry of Education must keep the numbers as high as possible, to confirm their job security. If the statistic falls, someone has to take the blame. In no time, degree’s holder increases, and unemployment rate increase. Victims: Students

Quota for billionaires
Almost everyday, I can see Subaru Impreza,BMW and Mitsubishi Evo with student's sticker.. and this is a University meant for those who wants to be a millionaire, not the already a billionaire. Care not for their high-end gadget, but I'm so tired with their knowledge-nothingness around. Give some space for the poorer, go and pay your studies at University of Mars.

Pampered by love
Government gives too much. Paid most fees, give best cheapest facilities around, working possibilities in public sector and always a big cover-up. Still, students can't achieve what is needed to be a real student. Its not that hard to score in exam, just keep first things first.

1.99 below and your out
You'll be dismissed, if you get lower than 2 CGPA. It's not so cool. I suggest UiTM to be more aggressive, maybe fired the 2.5's below or only the 3.5's can graduate with honor, or whatsoever to push all of us. Most students start their semester with average 2.5 and pretend to have a happy life.. Why so? Newbies failed to adapt to campus life. Be a grown person, you have more responsibilities here.

Not a Problem-Solver
Math is a test for your problem-solving skills, and it is proven that non-Malay students have more ability in this. Lack of mathematical sense, means lack of 3 things: Work-rate, patient and confidence. Who says that Art and Music do not involve any counting? Even Law and Tourism students always questioning why should they take business and economy, aside from their major courses in UiTM. Because.. Number keeps the world spin around.

Too Hot Too Handle
UiTM students always complaining why they are not allowed to wear things that should be 'can'. Simple, students are too hot in some attires. Attraction can be distracting..Always. So please, keep your skirt down. Concentrate more in skirting your exam

P/s: Hope the best for all!

Things to have~NOW!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Benda2 yang mesti aku memiliki dalam kadar segera! Yariba!!

Jack Purcell Oo, walaupun aku tidak meminati sangat brand yang berunsurkan Converse ni (ada sebab nya ya), tapi aku tetap ingin mendapatkan sepasang kasut brand ni tak kisah la jenis Rally, Retro atau Plain. Kebaikan, harganya tidak melampau sangat kacaknya kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Paul Smith & Ted Baker.

Price Range: RM89~RM230

Topman Aku baru nak berjinak2 dengan brand ni. Ya larr, dulu aku pakai baju cap ayam, adidos, poloh. Mana lah aku nak beli brand2 camni. Apapun aku tertarik dengan design dan bentuknya yang cut-edge dan fit-body gitu. Mesti aku kelihatan kacak nanti kan kawan2?Apa? Oo, sekarang kau mengaku kawan ya..

Price Range: RM40~RM170

Crumpler Pernah mendengar jenama2 ini? Timbuk2, Loopbag, Voltaic dan Zero Hallibutton? Tidak? Ini jenama2 beg yang memang dihasilkan untuk laptop. Pad bahu yang selesa, diadun dengan warranty 2 tahun dan tahan lasak yang amat. Aku tertarik dengan brand made in U.S. ni. Designnya kacak. Baru2 ni sahaja 1 outlet Crumpler KLCC telah dibuka. Awas! duit anda akan cepat sahaja hilang di dalam kedai ini. Outlet terbesar berada di Singapura. Yang nak pegi tu kirim-kirimai!

Price Range: RM369~RM1000

Kenapa ko tak beli Rolex? Tag Hauer? Fossil ni tidak kurang mantapnya. Jam ilham seorang pereka yang telah menang banyak anugerah2 kacak berkaitan rekabentuk. Jam ni lebih manis dan masam rasanya berbanding jam2 di atas. Boleh dimakan? boleh, rasa coklat cadbury (duh~).. Jam Fossil ni menarik perhatian aku dari segi designnya yang unik2. Aku tak suka lah yang bertatahkan emas ni, nampak cam cetak rompak walaupun mahal. At least, jam Fossil masih mampu dimiliki.

Price Range: RM350~RM800

Adidas Setakat ni aku nak beli biasa2 la, ngga usah yang kacak2 gitu. Adipure. Tak payahlah nak Predator, PS TRX dan seumpamanya. Aku bukan pemain professional yang shoot bagai nak rak. Setakat main2 lar..Orait nopo..Tapi aku agak menjauhi Nike, sebab aku lebih terarah kepada kasut made in Jerman. "nach Geld stinken!"

Price Range: RM300+

Gibson Les Paul What the heck? Petua untuk popular cepat ada 2 sahaja, medium pintas pertama adalah wang. Selain itu adalah MUSIK. Aku inginkan kedua2nya. Gitar Gibson adalah lebih jazzy berbanding Fender apabila diadunkan dengan efek reverb dan wah-wah. Mengapa Gibson? Oh, anda kelihatan sangat kacak memakainya di pentas, walaupun tanpa tali terpasang.

Price Range: RM1000~RM5000!

Playstation3 Konsol permainan yang masih tak stabil penghasilannya. Ahh! Pedulik hapa, beli tetap beli. Didatangkan dengan memori sehingga 160GB (pehal nak besar2? Ko nak install Adobe Photoshop kah?), remote wireless, Blu-ray dan punca rabun terbesar, anda mendapat pakej yang lengkap di situ. Kalau dah rosak, boleh diubahsuai sebagai tempat grill yang efektif. Lebih mengejutkan, harganya x semahal yang disangka..

Price Range: RM1900~RM3200!

Aku memerlukan barang2 di atas ni segera, dengan harga yang lebih murah dari di atas. Info2 kan untuk aku rembat. Apa? Pakai duit aku lah. Takkan pakai duit ngko..


Madagascar the Patung

*Wi~wi~wi Welman and Mort the annoying thing

Recently Madagascar comes into my mind. While I'm walking blindly at 1B, Toys r Us attract me to some side of their shop. Happy to buy though, but where are the penguins? I like them very much!

*Alex and Gloria! Grr~rr

*Anybody need ice?

Cool. Now get some money. They are not that cheap. Hear me

Things to have~mid 25

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I like something luxury. The not 'so' but 'so-so'. I find out that i really like this car. It's not as powerful as the 5 series, but this BMW 325i sports attract me somehow. It's sporty, good handling/suspension and luxury type. I don't know, I just like it..

One KL and Troika Condominium. Both situated area KLCC and expensive as hell. But who cares if we like it a lot right? Average price per square feet as know is RM2000 and RM1800. I prefer Troika because it is well established. Sure, I can consider K Residence, The Meritz and Marc Residence. It's good to feel richness very well..With private pool and full-view around the city, I bet no one can resist the attraction. Sure, most important element is the interior..

Bedroom, Bathroom and Living Room. Change everything like in Vegas..What really I need it for? SATISFACTION!

Okay, enough with the dreams..