Famous top 8 No. 8 Jersey in Modern Football

Sunday, January 10, 2016

With no chronological order since everyone is great!

Frank Lampard - Chelsea

We Chelsea fan regarded him as the best midfield player ever. His signature move - tireless forward
darting to score goal is one my favourite. Accurate long passes and shooting is one of his greatest attribute. He is a great professional role model too!

Mesut Ozil - Germany
Özil regarded as Messi / Zidane of Germany. A genius in technical play passing and open play. We can see him adapting quickly from Spanish League (Real Madrid) to England (Arsenal). I remember how he alone lead the Germany attacking force in World Cup 2010. He will be crucial for Germany in World Cup 2014.

Andres Iniesta - Barcelona
My favourite No. 8 midfielder! Before any futsal game, his video is a must to watch for me. He is the only player that I like among the Barcelona team. Dribble, Movement & Composure - No one can beat him on this. Even there's a say; "You can stop Messi by two person. But to stop Iniesta, you need the whole team".

Steven Gerrard - Liverpool
An engine that drive Liverpool. Quite the same player of Lampard, Gerrard can do almost anything; Pass, pace, tackle, shot, vision etc. From my observation, he will stick in defensive midfield position, but he will do amazing cross-passes forward. He is no longer the player that often run along the wing since the new Era of Liverpool, but he still continue kicking!

Juninho Pernambucano - Lyon / Vasco da Gama
I might just be lucky because he is a No. 8 guy! Juninho, is no doubt, the best free-kick taker. His unique shooting style, will make the ball heading towards unpredictable movement. Any free-kick near 18 yard box in considered as a penalty kick for Juninho. To Beckham lover, watch this.

Gennaro Gattuso - AC Milan
His nickname (The Ringhio/Rinho) justify his play. In PES rating (I'm a PES Player), his ability is very low that average, due to his physical. However if you ever see his play in real match, his aggressiveness level is beyond anything. His defensive skill is great, but I will never want to play against him...

Xavier Hernández - Spain
If Iniesta is the Movement, I call Xavi as the Vision. Well, he is considered as No. 8, since he's playing this number for the national team (great! both Iniesta & Xavi is 8!). Most of time, Xavi will do the pass, which explain why his passing accuracy rate is averaging on 90%! A Xaviesta combination prove to be deadly in these football days.

Mikel Arteta - Arsenal
Most of the reader now might think "Okay, he is throwing player with number 8 now". The fact is, Arteta is one of the most fouled player in Premier League (100 fouls in 06-07 campaign)! People might be seeing Ozil, Santi Cazorla as the main man on the pitch but there is something about Arteta which eligible him as the Vice-Captain of Arsenal. He was bought '2 times' by Moyes during Everton time.
Why 8? I like number 8. It shows infinity (limitless possibility) and asian regards the number as a good luck charm (Chinese & Japanese). Even my plays dictate my number; an Attacking midfield & winger.