~UiTM issues~

Monday, June 22, 2009

UiTM; well-known for a weird bias policy. Only Malays and Bumiputras are allowed to further study here (Not anymore since the existence of InTEC and globalization).

What should I write now? condemn the policies or raise myself beside the other not-so-lucky races around? It's better for me to get a settlement here, on how UiTM can possess greater excellency rather than what is needed to be a complete immortal on its own mainland.

Read a lot! You m..
Malaysian known for their 'spread rumours faster than tumors'. Statistic shows that only 2 book read per year by Malaysian. Reading teach us critical skills and issues around the globe. Most of UiTM student failed during interview, when it comes to current issues. At least be grateful now; UiTM couples find out that libraries a good place for eye to eye communication and second best home for the air-cond lovers.

What is PC?
Play Center. My experience in UiTM for years shows that most students life are gambled in front of PC, just like me. They play DoTA, Internet, Chatting, Movies and Anime. When asked, they don't even know i-Learn Portal existence. I know all multimedia students need to pay more visit to their machine, but do they really finish their work? Be more real, get some fresh air outside.Number of attendees increases but we are not that genius IPTA students increases from 2004 and so on. Number of 10A1 straight increases each year. My words to all newbies, show your real talent. Please show your quality in quantities, or else, you are nothing out there. My lecturer once told me about a big number can show a real weakness :

It's easier to enter University now. IPTA/IPTS number increases and the qualification are loosening. Ever heard of Graph Statistical Exploitation? The flows determine how many can enter higher institutions. Realize the fact that UPSR/PMR/SPM results keep improving by year. It shows that, people in Ministry of Education must keep the numbers as high as possible, to confirm their job security. If the statistic falls, someone has to take the blame. In no time, degree’s holder increases, and unemployment rate increase. Victims: Students

Quota for billionaires
Almost everyday, I can see Subaru Impreza,BMW and Mitsubishi Evo with student's sticker.. and this is a University meant for those who wants to be a millionaire, not the already a billionaire. Care not for their high-end gadget, but I'm so tired with their knowledge-nothingness around. Give some space for the poorer, go and pay your studies at University of Mars.

Pampered by love
Government gives too much. Paid most fees, give best cheapest facilities around, working possibilities in public sector and always a big cover-up. Still, students can't achieve what is needed to be a real student. Its not that hard to score in exam, just keep first things first.

1.99 below and your out
You'll be dismissed, if you get lower than 2 CGPA. It's not so cool. I suggest UiTM to be more aggressive, maybe fired the 2.5's below or only the 3.5's can graduate with honor, or whatsoever to push all of us. Most students start their semester with average 2.5 and pretend to have a happy life.. Why so? Newbies failed to adapt to campus life. Be a grown person, you have more responsibilities here.

Not a Problem-Solver
Math is a test for your problem-solving skills, and it is proven that non-Malay students have more ability in this. Lack of mathematical sense, means lack of 3 things: Work-rate, patient and confidence. Who says that Art and Music do not involve any counting? Even Law and Tourism students always questioning why should they take business and economy, aside from their major courses in UiTM. Because.. Number keeps the world spin around.

Too Hot Too Handle
UiTM students always complaining why they are not allowed to wear things that should be 'can'. Simple, students are too hot in some attires. Attraction can be distracting..Always. So please, keep your skirt down. Concentrate more in skirting your exam

P/s: Hope the best for all!


  1. oi best giLa!

    p/s: i'm a maLay & i'm good in math. Got degree with honor in Mathematics. (though our grandma is chinese) hehe

  2. Wow! you got honor in Math..Cool :D

    Not all Malay can do great in calculating stuff, should be proud of yourself

  3. good issues..anyway..the problem is not bout universiti policies..but our high school system..that make our student be like that...
    try chek diff. between student totally gov school and exmubaligh school..such as MBS/StJohn/Victoria...mcm langit ngan bumi..

    p/s hahaha...penah gak la kutuk yang dipertua mppUITM yg penah masuk bicara siswa kat tv1 dulu..budus nak mampus bg idea/komen on politik wang issues...malu aku as part of uitm..

  4. Right..
    And from now on every student should move on and not just depending to something..

    Betol gak. Sesetengah benda x seswai dipublikkan..Haishhh

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