Sabah Employment Line

Friday, January 8, 2016

It is not a racist and political entry. Just my own experience guys:

As an experienced 'Job Interviewee', this is what I can conclude for Freshie:

1) Insert your "name" here
Almost all form (let say 80%) that I fill in require me at least to fill up this box; Insert your Chinese/other name here. Same goes with this common question "What level of Mandarin speaker are you?" which really goes unwell for me..
You really mean it?
My thought: English and Malay Language are not enough to get employed

2) Gender?
I'm not sure in other states but most bosses require you to be a woman to get hired. Most of my friend had successively prove this. Or, guys do not have good grade, is it? 

My thought: I'm sure I'll never get chance to speak if I wear mini-skirt

3) Son.. You are inexperience!
Meh. Well I'm use to be experience as student.. non-stop studying since 1993, until 2011.. How can I possibly get experienced when I have no chance to start? It's funny to read banner state this "loan easy with us. Got 10 years experience in the field".

My thought: Sabahan company do not want to spend for training. Go get your training somewhere else

4) Cable. The big and long one
As long as my relative is inside there working (the higher the better) u'll get called in 1 week time? This.. also proven in my observation

My thought: Cronism. Really hate it since we have UiTM.

Conclusion: I really want to get a job that fit my qualification here at my hometown, where my blood spills. This matter never get attention. I'm considering to work away and nowhere near this state. There's no need for me to contribute here when I'm not needed - Hear that my Government?


  1. never stop trying cuzzy! Allah is with u :)

  2. Tq Dr :) I believe I'll get the job but if this system remain the same, I'm going to pity the local graduate in the future

  3. I agree with the fact that these are four main criteria that forbid us from employed. My last interview, they even ask me to speak in Mandarin. Well, just be patient and never give in. You'll earn what you are worth for.

    P/s: Immediate vacancy. Female only. At least 2-3 years experience in related field. Able to speak Mandarin, English and Malay. Fresh graduate are encourage to apply. <- But how can a fresh graduate got 2-3 years experience in related field? Huhuhu

  4. @epul: Usually all ads is just the same. That funny stuff you got :D and I'm sure that MANDARIN is the main priority. sigh~