U say that U are Universal?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

*OOMG its in the backstreet!

Some like Indie (It's dead now?), some loving the western Billboard, some admire those Indo-Malay ngetops songs.. and some drooling for Asia; only for the Kpopers, anime and Kimochi-chi-chi...

What I am sure is no one like to hear various genre.

No need to look further Malaysians, just see our artist yourselves. Let's look at P. Ramlee. Do people still turn his song in car? That's what faith had put our legends. They might be the best but they will never be heard anymore; they even got "Anugerah Sepanjang Zaman" in music award repetitively. In easy word, you don't die, you won't got~

It is funny when one of my friend is an all-american goers. His car radio tune will be all English. But most of the Karaoke time, he will pick his Kapak song.. Screw u bro, HahaHA.

For Indiers (not Hindi), I advice you to be umm not so.. supportive? Make sure the team has the spirit to push themselves for entering the mainstream music. For once, Hujan make a clear stance on this from a rebellious to a so-call Jiwang type band. Not to mention some that got quality or 'Aura' like Butterfingers, Love Me Butch, Pesawat & Bunkface (their live sucks anyway).

Go buy their band-tee, gigs and make your own band too.. and please stick to covering people song, alright? We don't need another Indie in the making.

For me, the best song is song that breaking the barrier of 'language' in all mean.

Be it Latin, Arab, Mandarin, Tagalog, Korea, Dusun. Make yourself open to all genres. Theses songs, if it inspires you to become the best, why not just admit it?

Sometimes I unplug the pendrive from my car just to hear religious speech. It sometimes better than songs too :)


  1. Ya betul. Aku minat lagu yang aku rasakan best ja, xpernah pun memilih genre lagu. Thanx aku tau kau refer pada aku (orang yang xdiskriminasi muzik...Hahaha)

  2. ya pulala.. trima kasih kerana tidak diskriminate. dengar lah lagu hindi byk2 eh?

  3. ok, pasni nak letak lagu Raihan dengan lagu placebo dlm folder yg sama :p

  4. Yesss!! And then masa lagu tu shuffle mesti kita akan rasa pelik..:p

  5. wei, aku bkn jer menghargai p.ramlee, aku jgk hafal lagu2 p.ramlee ok?

    name it, i'll sing to you..hahaha...

    well...no matter wut kind of genre you're listen to..kita kn 1 malaysia..=))


  6. ye ke hapal?? wah wah.. jap g aku tanya lagu2 A.R. Rahman ngan S. Jibeng tengok dapat nyanyi tak??Haha