Damn Slanderous and Libelous...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It happens recently that people around me is approving the act of defaming others

Well, it's not that recent.. I experience it from time to time on my course of study. I can't accept libel anymore, and hope something will stop it to save the planet.

Yes, slandering is a big crime for me; to say it's involving the earth. It is affecting people reputation, name, pride... It may kill someone that try to live happy in their life.

Sorry to say that, most of the act usually suggested by my girls' friend. Some of the men like to do it though, but it is not a big deal for me. Adding the experts' view that a secret will only last for 2 days if it kept by woman, it is not surprising that any 'not-so-bad-story' can outburst as the hottest damn topic after some alteration in no time.

One of my friend keep complaining that some friends are no longer hanging out around her. I don't care if they read this entry.. I'm sick of their deeds. Stop that negative thinking and move towards openness. Do you think that yours is worth enough to hate anyone?

I don't mind if I might involved indirectly in this childish hatred.. As long that I now that I'm right.

My advice: If you think by defaming others is enough to blacklist a name around, stop it now. Seriously, everyone is waiting they turn to stab at your back. Or did you forget what religions had said about it?


  1. hurm... is it about tale-telling?
    well, if it is, then it's a girl's nature.
    but, not all tale-tell... some do understand the value of silence, and they are women of honour. try to be friends with them. they are some of the precious things on this galaxy...

  2. I don't mind the tale-tellers, i often hang around with them.

    I really mind the defamers, or in easy words 'Pemfitnah'.. most of defamers are strong because they have sidekicks around to approve their story roll.

    I love to see them to be boycott and alone; then crying for friend

  3. payback time is always there. we just do not know when they will arrive.

  4. I hope it come soon.. then I know what to do.;p

  5. ahax. i rather spend my time with the computer rather than watching it. anyway, enjoy the show...