You Want to Use Windows 7?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The damn viruses again intruded my workspace area.. Yeah, it cost me all of my song inside the computer, which is really.. whatever, should say bye and shift to the overrated vista?

Its a NO (or might be never) answer!

*It sure look like a Vista to non-user

So I hear the rumours about this great invention called Windows 7. Potentially it just another type of Vista but for sure, people seems like it in forums.

Thanks to Mr. Wak Lu, I get this full package of W7 ultimate..That's why torrent site is cool..Surprisingly I do not have to use any drivers except for my graphic card. Cool again.

No poppin-up menu whenever I access stuff and really graphical interface. I think Microsoft had discovered the next world wonder after XP's.

Surprisingly its not that lagging like Vista, smoother and newly added function. For XP gamers, there's one thing called 'compatibility mode' so you can play it in W7.

I give 4/5 rating. The original one is to costly and the need for graphically-carded laptop to use its function. It turns XP'ers and vista'ers look so W95..


  1. tunggulah ko... lepas aku master vista in-and-out, aku akan master W7. btw, can always make a backup before format. kesian lagu2an hilang...

  2. W7 senang je bai.. lebey kurang vista. lagu2 tu mmg aku saja x backup, 50gb kot.. dahlah x semua aku dengaq

  3. ui simpan installer.mntk d ruma karang

  4. wah, bahasamu... kekedahan... ahax... padanla tak backup, besar gilaa... belum lagi aku mau shift untuk jadi pengguna w7, nantilah, aku buat 3 partition lagi, and guna salah satu untuk kuguna dual-boot... yeah...

  5. well I recently change my OS to W7 and it is stunning!!

  6. To Uncle Sem: Ya ada, senang mo install

    To TPoV : Besalah jodoh utara kan. Tapi aku cadangkan kalau nak format tu, biarlah alang2 mengkasam. Takut laptop lagging ohh...

    To IFN : Yes! It is really stunning, especially for those that upgraded from Vista