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Friday, November 20, 2009

*I kill me!

Recently I watched a sitcom by Russell Peter, a canadian-born comedician. I thought that I might spend only 1-2 minutes to watch him but, I end up to watch the whole stuff.

His joke is racist, but in other ways it sounds funny for me.

Things that I found funny about him:

  • He is a mixed Indian, but culturally is a Canadian

  • Know to speak in many slangs (India, Chinese, Jamaican etc) which is impressive for an English speaker.

  • He is good in convincing others. He can sell you last week Pizza and get 10 bucks.

  • His joke is totally racist. Racist is Funny.
    Recommended watch: Russell Peters Red, White and Brown


  1. Haa, yang tu terpaksa la order online. Kalo x mau, terpaksa la curi-curi-curi dari internet..

  2. sad...u should hear to the music..
    u should hear much better..;p