Slop in Birth rate.. Men to blame?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taken from NST, July 26, 2009. My condolence to Yasmin Hani, Al-fatiha.. She left lots memories to us. Lots of blogger had expresses their utmost feeling for me, so it's enough said for me then..
KUALA LUMPUR: The birth rate is declining and men are to blame.
The number of children per couple is now three times lower than what it was a generation ago, and experts concede there is a causal link between that and the attitudes of men.

...“Our study shows that when women come home from work, they change their clothes and go into the kitchen. Men put their briefcases down, head to the living room and read the newspapers or flip through television channels. Sometimes, they ask to be served a drink...

“Women work to help men supplement the family income, but men don’t help their wives around the house,” said the family economics expert. This traditional way of thinking, which is very much alive and well even in urban society, means working women at home.

“If there is a child on the way, the first question that usually springs to a woman’s mind is ‘who’s going to look after my kid?’” said Jariah.
The husband is not the obvious answer going by the number of women who choose to leave the workforce to care for their children...

There is a higher proportion of women in universities, but for every four with a tertiary education, one is not in the labour force. They usually stop work after having their first child.

Say what, who are to be blamed? I say no. But if you want so, I say both. Most modern-couple failed to plan a good family chain. Men are lazy and tired when they get home after work. But, believe me that man still eager to have a lovely night.

It's a common these days when we meet a busy working women to have children to take care of. The consequence? They too get tired like men, and they still have to work something at kitchen and household when get home..It is a no mood situation to spend time together.

I suggest our company in Malaysia to do something about it. Create a home-based office, or more telecommuting, or perhaps a good-counseling to husband?? Is it still men to blame?ahaha..


  1. What to say here is that the wife has their option to work or not. In a relationship, give and take is the key. The couple have to give and take. Not just work with one hand.

    There is something that we called man ego. With manly attitude, they won't ever comfort baby and do such girly stuff...

  2. I agree that men are full with ego and pride.

    but I still think that home-based office is a good idea

  3. home based office only applied with certain job but most jobs they need a specific place...I guess you are the master!!

  4. Foreign company (US & Germany) allowed their worker to work out from traditional office environment. We call that as state-of-the-art technology.

    Is it never been any better than working at our own home? I like to be involved much in housework

  5. eh? mana komen i?
    darn!!! dah type panjang2. huhu

  6. Eh.. hilang ke? type balik aahh hahaha