Gaya Street - From a Sabahan view

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Here is some of my photo shoot activity on Sunday, when visiting Sabah Gaya street.

When you are visiting this market, expect a lot of people to be around from 9am-12pm.

There was lot of handicraft you can buy for your relative. I am not against the idea of visiting this place but it is a good location to take picture (except for it hot humid).

Try Fish Soup here!
These a some interesting things you can buy for your memories. The price in not-negotiable here, not a bargain place.
You can find some cute and cuddly animal but note that some may not allow you to take photograph. In case you want to know how much you can buy one, see price below (priceless!)
Not the right place for this sir..
Well you can see below more pictures if you want to visit the market. People here are sporting anyway and they will not mind for taking their picture.
You will find many tourists here
Some Uncle with technical selling skills (indeed there is a lot of them)
Coffee aroma.. mmm
We are at Chinese area anyway
Normal market view here

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