SAFfering the losing

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Supporter and player~we win the loud, but we still fail to excel

Even SAF was a history for 2009, the spirit of blogging the side-story beyond it is never had erased.

Waiting in silence. Hoping for miracle. Well, the bus is too late

Unfortunately, the story is more about lo~sing. Why lose? I am forced to blame people..with the 's' at the back.

I feel pity towards the handball team, and so other teams that never play at all. I can see commitments and determination from their long-hour training session past weeks. There must be something wrong somewhere.. our name failed to be enlisted as participants.

Just lack of concentration

Sure, we play sports for the faculty. But I'm so desperately upset that managers will get their newly shirt sooner than the athletes; whom should be wearing something around the field. That resulting as-no jersey. If anyone ever see the sporting event, you will see Law, Business, FTMSK etc play with '2009' jersey at their best.. and ours with own sponsored shirt.

You feel lucky, punk? From left Mr Dzul (B-ball), Robi and Syuk (Hockey)

Come on, what's wrong with a little doughnuts of appreciation towards our beloved players? We lack of supports from the management side (and we call ourselves the next managers?). Enough with couples of 100plus bottle in the track, which they also failed to provide.


I'm entertained by superb OMers man's volleyball team. You'll see they losing point, but they were not. That is what I call as suspense and thriller. If only they where not beaten at semi. Same goes to the basketballers, no coach and super-subs but still..they have the attitude in winning.

Beauties and Fanatics in pompom

Anyway, credits to our Sportspeople for doing their best. Sorry for rugby, badminton and the other teams, I'm in a busy week with my module. Good job, Basketball-Hockey-Volleyball team for a good competitive approach. I can see Sebastian hanging around to fight you guys.. Let us fight again in the upcoming season!

Volleyball Key Player - Chulai and Benben. And to the coach at the back

Next time I hope to invite the upper side to visit us more in the battlefield.



  1. ui!! kalau duduk tepi jak bgus xpayah


    main la bah geng. ampul bana.

  2. Astagaga...

    main bah pingpong, masalahnya nama kami teda dalam list..macamana la tu?

  3. pingpong aa..tggu promote degree nt.