Trail Running Gear Unlimited - Hasuu Tasu 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Not sure why but I am in a mood for some extreme shopping today. Let see how much well spent!

2XU Compression Tight
I have this product, but unfortunately it gone missing :'(. Have to buy it anyway since I run comfortably with the compression. I can say with this thing I have minimize groin injury.

Damage: RM458 (originally 509)

Climachill Shirt
Just go through 1 of Adidas shop and this product seems unique, with the aluminium dot at the back which keep you cool. I have run using this shirt and it just nice. However, I still prefer compression shirt to minimize back ache.

Damage: RM135 (originally 150)

This one is Adidas compression. Thinking of using this during training, and probably if its good, will just use this as my running tee.

Damage: RM144 (originally 160)

And finally, the most important part is the shoe! Well I am not a good pamperer, please bear with me shoe... I have another shoe to buy but this one will do since it look tough.

Damage: RM409 + RM10 (Bottle freebies & freshener)

Complete Item
In total, I spent RM1156. I have a lot of stuff like running pack and all which may add up to total RM2000. Hopefully, this investment will be worth it for next 4 years! I am still hoping Skechers, 2XU  & Adidas willing to give me free product so I can continue making reviews..

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