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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Just do some more buying from

My 1st kit, which is Chelsea away 2013 Long sleeve is nicely fit. I give it a rating 5/5 since the quality is worth the price (RM60).

However, my recent buy (3rd & 4th) do not turn out so well... below is my 4th experience.

Neck feels biggy like FOS shirt

So does the arm sleeve
Other than that, I am satisfied with the patching, stitch and the quality of jersey.

Buying satisfaction : 3/5 (No phone provided for customer care. Not gonna bomb u with sms & chat anyway)
Shipping time: 5/5 (Ok)

Overall: 2/5 (due to my 2 last buying is not within my expectation. Will look for other shop)

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