Ideas for 2 Bed 2 Bath in Small Condo

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Many of us find this space is too small for re-modelling. Below are collection of my googliness (Credits to those provided the image).

2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 1 Kitchen Scenario
built-in cabinet for first-aid, drugs, should be here.
In my case, renovating 1Borneo Condo is hard, since people tend to be nosy with the size, build-in appliances.

I'm impress with the ability to cramp all the features in 1 small place (we can see the shower area with glass panel).

Sink is extended and smaller pump for toilet is installed.
Notes: Get a work / Make-up table there.
I really like the features of high closet built in a room. Upper-top to store luggage, mattress and stuff without need to take more space below for storing.

Window design is showing a class looking apartment for tenant. Although it could be better...

I'm not a fan of cooking but maybe sometimes in future.. need to get those for tenant.

Any kitchen will do, as long as the 3 Law of Kitchen Triangle is functioning.

Laundry in the kitchen, is something that I might be considering of, and put it inside a close shelf. A dryer can sit on top of Washing Machine since it is lighter.

Need to consider on the moisture from the Machine itself. Might need to install ventilation / dryer to get this happen.

Link: Kubiq Kitchen FB, RenoBena, Q Kitchen FB, Monkey, Oppeinhome.

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