Monday, January 12, 2009

As a tradition, every year we have to celebrate National Day.. Lot of harebrained in action, including us that jump around wildly inside the stadium. My god, that shirt is very 1900s my friend!

A night before the celebration, there is a concert by Celcom that going to rock! Well, this is an IPTA, no loudness accepted, a proper attire and well-mannered behaviour. Da~da~ So everything was under control by the blue shirt guys..

*3 guys with unsound mind

The most waited performance by Hujan and Suki (at this time they are very cool you know?). Noh did not come, heard that he is really sicks. We are shocked, and they randomly choose the singer from the crowds! Which is a very bad bad idea; everyone is a SINGING RETARDEDLEYY! I want my money back.. and wondering why I am not jumping in as a singer, I sing well if there is lyric!

*Colours win in the BOTB

But, I have a cool night. I make myself brave to tease this girl, which actually worked! (I guess so). She's the cutest girl that night and I can feel that everyone is staring violently like a prey. Hey, I must protect her! Here comes the saviour..Well she's married now~

Lastly, we jump through the fence and pass a night guard. That Big Fat Ahcheng slipped his leg and I am disappointed with his body resistance. Another fail science.

*See, they do it again
Guard: Hoi! Korang dari mana aa??
Us: Dari dalam la, ada konsert..

He stared us for a while and..went away. I wonder if we late for 5 seconds, he might saw us doing something unusual with the fence. How come he did not realize that's the only way out from there? Haha

Anyway..Happy National Day!

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