Sunset Shangri-La 2016 ---- DuduDududu!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hello fellas! This time I want to share about a place where you can party like there's no tomorrow.. WOhoo!!! joke aside..

It is expensive for a glass of beer (RM25 omg!! omggodd) but I think it's worth the place

This time around, I arrive with new pair of clothes to impress people. MIAHAHA! nevermind. Just looking at the sunset, it makes people calm.. but they bring their spouse, not like me huuuu (sad music). The sunset is so beautiful at this moment due to the reason that they have a monsoon at kk at the moment. The band itself is great and the setlist..

Coldplay! Radiohead! Things that not so jazzy but they manage to do it in good way :) See post below. Enough talking nigga!

Congratz y friend!
I like the wave sound...

Best set list!


i should take #KKCITY for this photo #profit #money

Lighting please!!

Why so kabur grrr!!!

See another kabur. But people no longer believe in spirit of enjoyment

Sunset BAHH

Aww cute!

At least, I manage to take photo!! HAha!!

Got to see u soon. I am off for Krabi & Thailand adventure.. So long! ~~

Credit pic: Kiongkiong ahh

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